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  UltraSharp 3007WFP-HC
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Post Date: 12/31/2010
Valid Until: 1/7/2011
Category: LCD PC
Offer Type: Sell
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Offer Description
Detailed Product Description

The UltraSharp 3007WFP-HC now features TrueColor - vivid hues, remarkable depth and pictures bright enough for viewing under mos

The UltraSharp 3007WFP-HC now features TrueColor - vivid hues, remarkable depth and pictures bright enough for viewing under most lighting. With deeper reds, crisper blues and sparkling whites, you'll observe graphics in their most natural state - on a widescreen with vibrant colors. Lifelike, captivating hues translate into a rich overall entertainment experience. Go big or go home. The 30-inch widescreen monitor is a visual wonder, boasting a fast response time, high contrast ratio and ultra-high resolution. Color and detail have never looked better or bigger thanks to the brilliantly bright display and Dell's UltraSharp technology. There are plenty of reasons why is America's #1 source for flat-panel displays - the 3007WFP-HC is one more. The 3007WFP-HC is the perfect tool for CAD-CAM, 3D modeling, pre-press editing, video editing, graphic design and professional photography. Don't squint when polishing your visual creations - the 3007WFP-HC gives you a larger-than-life view of all the details, and it allows for viewing multiple pages, layouts and images in a convenient side-by-side format. Designers, editors and modelers can enjoy high productivity and minimized eyestrain, not to mention a first-class viewing experience every time they sit at their desk. Your multimedia, video and graphics will find new life. The 3007WFP-HC is like a window to another world, offering you a chance to enjoy multimedia and gaming like never before, immersing you in a visual experience designed to awe and inspire. The widescreen format is also ideal for watching DVDs and high-definition television, making the 3007WFP-HC as versatile as it is stunning. Enjoy a comfortable viewing experience whether you're working, surfing or watching movies. The 3007WFP-HC is designed to be flexible, with a stand that offers adjustable height, swivel and tilt so you can optimize your comfort while viewing it on your desktop. The integrated USB ports (4) and 9-in-2 media card reader also allow the monitor to act as a media extension for your PC. And the capacitive touch buttons allow for easy brightness adjustment and one-touch system shutdown.
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Company name: Eledamasun electronics company
Membership Type: Basic
Registration Date: Friday, December 31, 2010
Country/Region: Malaysia
Address 234 Nilai Industrial Estate,
Phone --
Fax --
Contact person: rugby jasmal
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