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Microwave Video transmission
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Date Joined: Monday, December 20, 2010
Country: Singapore
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he Series 900 and 902

Series900/902Wireless VideoTransmission LinksFEATURES:he Series 900 and 902Microwave Video Transmission Links are the high performance answer forlong range wireless video transmission requirements, full color or blackand white. Applications include remote surveillance, industrial,institutional, remote telemetry, production control, and videoteleconferencing. In addition, built-in sub-carriers are capable ofcarrying an analog or digital signal for remote camera control: pan,tilt, zoom and switching. High selectivity and precise beam controlenables the links to be located close together for multiple channeloperation. The FM super-heterodyne design assures superior picturequality in adverse weather conditions.FlexibilityThe simplex video transmission series has thecapability of providing sub-carriers for transmitting audio or datainformation. These sub-carrier interfaces include audio/FSK, RS-232,RS-422, and most all camera control system interfaces. Thesesub-carriers may be used for two-way (duplex) audio, camera control, orvideo switching. This two-way data transmission also makes it possibleto remotely operate card readers, gates, and turnstiles. When multiplesub-carrier configurations are used, a separate desktop BMS unit isprovided which includes a built-in 24VDC power supply. Rackmount andweather-resistant outdoor BMS modules are available.All systems are individually tuned to a specific assigned frequency toensure interference free operation and provide a reliable communicationlink. Frequency and FCC license easily obtained. No customer adjustmentsare required.The Series 900/902 Microwave Radio System offers following features:FM Superheterodyne OperationCompatible with NTSC or PAL ColorVideoTransmits up to 10 Miles (16km)Low Power ConsumptionQuick and Easy InstallationResistant to RFI/EMI effectsLicensed frequency for secureinterference free operationSpecificationsFrequency Range: 21.2 to 23.6 GHz (FCC Part 21and 94 bands)Modulation: FM (± 4 MHz deviation)T/R Separation: 50 MHzVideo bandwidth900 Series: 10 MHz900 BMS Series: 4.5 MHz NTSC, 5.5 MHz PAL902 Series: 6 MHz902 BMS Series: 4.5 MHzRadio Capacity: 525/625 line video plus subcarrierVideo S/N Ratio: 65 dB min.@ - 35 dBm RCL (weighted)System Gain: 165 dB w/ 2 ft. antennaSubcarrier Options900: 1 Forward900 BMS: 3 Forward902: 1 Reverse902 BMS: 2 DuplexDigital: RS-232/RS-422 9.6 Kbps,19.2 Kbps, Manchester, BiPhaseAnalog: 1 volt p-p into 600 ohm balancedInput Voltage: TX or RX 12 to 24 VDC 1.2 AmpTemperature: - 30°F to 131°F(- 30°C to + 55°C)Relative Humidity:100%Size - RF Unit: 26 in. (66cm) dia., 14 in. (35.5cm) deepWeight - RF Unit26 lbs. (12kg)Mounting: 2.5 in. (6.5cm) O.D. Pole ClampsEmission Designator:900 Series: 33MOF9W902 Series: 22M0F9WFCC Identifier900 Series: CA6900902 Series: CA6902TransmitterPower Output: 20 mW typicalFrequency Stability: ± 0.03%Spurious Response: Per FCC Part 21 and 94Video Input: 1 volt p-p into 75 ohm (BNC)ReceiverType: FM superheterodyneReceiver Threshold: - 73 dBm (37dB weighted S/N)Loss of Carrier: 6.2 KHz signal on align terminalVideo Output: 1 volt p-p into 75 ohm (BNC)AntennaPolarization: Vertical or HorizontalSize: 24 in. (60cm),48 in. (120cm) optionalGain: 39 dBi - 2 ft.,44 dBi - 4 ft.Beamwidth: 1.6 degrees (3 dB) 2 ft.0.8 degrees (3db) 4 ft.BMS UnitsPower:115 or 230 VAC input24 VDC output to RF UnitEnvironmental+14 ° F to +104 ° F (-10 ° C to +40 ° C) non condensing 95%Interconnections:BNC and terminal strip to RF UnitSize:13.75 in. (34.9cm) W, 3.5 in. (8.9cm) H, 13.5 in. (34.3cm) DWeight:10 lbs. (4.5kg)How to OrderSpecify configuration and operating frequency and include sub-carrierformats. See price schedule for accessories. All systems includeappropriate mounting hardware. Specifications subject to change withoutnotice.jump toARC ELECTRONICSa DCE Companyjump to ...
Trade mark : Microwave Video transmission
Place of Origin : Microwave Video transmission
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