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SMS Gateway & Application Software
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Company Profile
Date Joined: Sunday, June 13, 2010
Country: India
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Key Features:
User Friendly. You can install, configure and start using SMS in less than fifteen minutes.
ACESMS is flexible. It supports any ETSI 07.05 compliant GSM modem that supports AT commands for SMS.
Can be configured to trigger and run external scripts (VBScript and Javacript), thus making it a very open product which can be used to deploy virtually any kind of two way SMS application.
External applications and scripts can send out SMS message through ACESMS using easy to use ActiveX component bundled with ACESMS.
Scalable configuration. Supports up to 8 GSM modems connected to serial communication ports.
Incoming and outgoing SMS messages in XML for interfacing with user applications, gives you the freedom of selecting the programming platform for your application.
Two powerful command line utilities which can be used to send SMS to single user or multiple users (using text file phonebook).
Parameter passing with command line utility, for embedding in to SMS message, which makes it perfectly suitable product for enterprise network monitoring products like HP OpenView and other similar products which can pass variable parameters to the event based file run.
Routing rule configuration allows user to route messages through a GSM modem based on destination number rules.
Fast and reliable mobile messaging. Approximately 600 SMS messages per hour with one GSM modem.
Configuration choice for automatic splitting or truncating of long SMS messages.
Extensive logging of received, sent, failed SMS messages as well as system and modem related errors.
Validity period of SMS messages can be defined.
Easy troubleshooting and diagnostic features. Send test SMS message for testing port and modem configuration.
Comprehensive documentation and sample programs.
Trade mark : Ace Tel
Place of Origin : India
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