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To refine your search results, use the filters provided on the Advanced Search.

If the results are unsatisfactory, reduce the number of words (i.e. "bicycle framework" instead   of "carbon bicycle frame work").

Avoid keywords which are too specific or specialized (i.e. "4X4 Honda ATV")

Only search one product at a time.

Don't include a country/region's name in your search (i.e. "shoe China").

Don't include the word "buyer" or "seller" in your keyword phrase (for example: "shoe buyer").


Get More Accurate Search Results

Use quotation marks (" "): For exact results, use quotation marks (e.g., "ac adapter"). If the results are not satisfactory, try again without quotation marks (e.g., ac adapter). 
Use plus (+) sign: When using the operator "+" a keyword will definitely appear in the search results (i.e. "red+apple" will return results containing "apple," but may not contain "red," although those with the word "red" will be listed first.) Please note: Do not leave any spaces between the "+" sign and the keyword.
Use minus (-) sign: When using the operator "-" sign, a keyword will not appear in the search results. (i.e. "apple-red" will return all results containing "apple", but no results containing "red" will appear.) Please note: Do not leave any spaces between the - sign and the keyword.
Remember, make sure that no punctuation marks except +, -, and " " are included in your keyword phrase (i.e. bearing 3000/sec).

If you encounter any problems during browsing or searching, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions for a solution.

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