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Terms and Conditions

General Clauses

By using and accessing the services provided on the ASEAN ICT eMall at  (hereinafter called the ASEAN ICT eMall), you are subject to all legal recommendations, terms, and conditions given below as well as relevant international customs and Vietnam’s current legal system. We highly encourage your self-prudence in complying with existing laws to contribute to the development, stability, and safety of the ASEAN ICT eMall. We undertake all proper legal measures against any illegal and inappropriate actions that may undermine the participants’ benefits and ASEAN ICT eMall. We may also request interventions by authorities if necessary to prevent and take appropriate measures against such illegal actions.

Use of information on the ASEAN ICT eMall

The ASEAN ICT eMall hosts a lot of advertisements and information in the forms of database, pictures, sound, graphics and other forms supplied by the third parties. In accordance with international customs and Vietnamese existing law and within our authority and capability, we are responsible for facilities and measures to minimize technical shortcomings and illegal trespassing actions in the ASEAN ICT eMall. However, we are not responsible for the accuracy or the relevance of advertisements and information provided by the third parties or on Websites linked to the ASEAN ICT eMall. The third parties will take responsibility for their information. In case the information is discovered to be unsuitable for the traditional ethical principles and Vietnamese existing law or international customs, we will exercise our right in deciding not to upload the information.

When using or uploading pictures and information of services or products in the ASEAN ICT eMall, users are also warned to comply with existing laws in copyrights, intellectual properties, industrial properties and may be subject to legal actions in case of violation.


Users may post opinions or comments in forums of the ASEAN ICT eMall. Any opinions or comments expressed will be those of the authors only and not of the ASEAN ICT eMall, its sponsors or affiliates. We recommend that any opinions or comments that run counter to Vietnamese fine customs or existing laws or international customs be not uploaded and necessary measures be taken to invalidate and restrict these actions.


The ASEAN ICT eMall is the copyright of OSB Investment and Technology Joint Stock Company (OSB JSC). Any attempt to use or copy the content therein has to be permitted by ÓSB.


The Legal Notice is valid from ….and is applicable for all participants and users of the ASEAN ICT eMall. We may modify and update the content of the Notice if necessary. The modified Notice will take effect from the time it is formally publicized in the ASEAN ICT eMall.

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