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What's ASEAN ICT eMall
ASEAN TELSOM (ASEAN Telecom Senior Officer Meeting) in collaboration with OSB holding company to launch the ASEAN ICT e-Mall in the October, 2008. The ASEAN ICT e-Mall creates space and services to assist ASEAN ICT companies doing business more conveniently and efficiently.

1. Model
The B2B e-marketplace for ICT companies in ASEAN area and the world.
The e-Mall focus on 10 ASEAN countries and 4 dialogue countries including Japan, South Korea, China and India. Therefore, in addition to general e-marketplace, ASEAN ICT e-Mall also consist of 14 country marketplaces to facilate members finding and trading in right target markets.

2. Overview
ASEAN ICT eMall is:
- The online trading solution between one Manufacturers and a series of Dealers/Suppliers and between Suppliers – Buyers in terms of ICT
- The online trading solution between ICT suppliers of ASEAN countries and others like: China, Taiwan,….
- The online trading solution for ICT supplers and consumers in one specific region.

3. Objectives
- To provide an e-marketplace for all ICT companies of ASEAN and other countries to do business and to exchange of products, services, solutions, ideas, etc.
- To create an online solution and space for ICT manufacturers to distribute theirs products to agents or dealers. Besides, to provide the solution and space for ICT agent or dealers to sell products to customers in specific region.
- To create the specific space for country profile with big ICT brand names, manufacturers, distributers, companies
- To exchange ICT information and market update of ASEAN region.
- To strengthen the cooperation of business association in ASEAN countries through the online trade show and business certification activities

4.  Functions
1. Exhibition Center: member can post their products in ICT main categories and subcategories. Each member owns one e-store in the form of website, to post their product, trade leads, company profile, company news, and comment sector for users.
2. Trade Transaction Center: member can post their trade leads (offer to buy, offer to sell), can search trade leads by categories, by countries, or to make inquiry, RFI, RFO. Members also can negotiate or communicate each other via e-Mall
3. Business Information Center: providing updated information on ICT markets, prices, partners, international markets, trade customs, ICT product tariffs, new technology, news from leading companies...
4. e-Community: member companies can share experience and discuss interested topics.