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The 10th OPTATEC

The 10th OPTATEC will receive international experts in Frankfurt from 15 through 18 June 2010 with a significantly revised range of offerings, as well as a special presentation of current and future industry focal points.

524 exhibiting companies from 28 countries, more than 5500 expert visitors – in 2008, the OPTATEC international trade fair for future optical technologies, components, systems and manufacturing once again lived up to its reputation as an industry meeting place with worldwide participation and esteem. The unique mix consisting of a nomenclature which corresponds to actual requirements, a practical industry orientation and an internationally recognised information, communication and procurement platform for hardware and software for the implementation of optical technologies will bring international experts together again at the 10th OPTATEC at the Frankfurt Exhibition Centre from the 15th through the 18th of June, 2010.

The Key Technology of the Future Presents Itself at OPTATEC 2010 – Exhibition Floor Space is in Great Demand

Just under 70% of the exhibition floor space occupied at the last event had already been booked at the beginning of 2009. And this trend will surely continue, because further development of the optical technologies is advancing rapidly, and is opening up opportunities for a multiplicity of applications on an unprecedented scale – both now and in the future. Without a doubt, the optical technologies play a key role in most optics, energy, medical and manufacturing processes.

Revised and Updated Range of Topics: Ready for the Future of the Optics Industry with OPTATEC’s Anniversary Event

In order to secure OPTATEC’s role as a leading industry platform in the future as well, all factors, technologies, products, systems and services covering all aspects of the optical technologies in all relevant fields of endeavour will be adapted to current levels of technological progress. Time-tested content will be retained, and new developments within the industry will be suitably integrated. In 2010, the focus will be on trend topics including fibre-optics, photovoltaic, safety technology, LED technology and medical technology. An attractive supplementary programme will round out the presentation.

Participate with your company in the enormous future potential and the upsurge of the optical technologies as an exhibitor or an expert visitor at the 10th OPTATEC in Frankfurt – the future of industrial optics is awaiting you!

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