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AUTOMATICA 2010 presents a new initiative ‘Green Automation’

The German Robotics and Automation industry is working intensively to design products and production to be more sustainable with respect to the environment. Together with VDMA Robotics + Automation and the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA), AUTOMATICA has created the new joint initiative ‘Green Automation’.

The automation industry is taking its responsibility to environmental politics seriously and is active lycollaborating in elaborating the vision of a ‘green world’. This is not only a question of the environmental-friendly design of production processes, but also of helping resource-saving technologies in general to become established using the innovative solutions of robotics and automation. The initiative will be presented at AUTOMATICA 2010 for the first time. ‘Green Automation’ will show the contribution of automation technologies to a sustainable management of business.

AUTOMATICA 2010, International Trade Fair for Automation and Mechatronics, will take place on the grounds of the New Munich Trade Fair Centre from June, 8 to11, 2010. The initiative ‘Green Automation’will be a major topic on the trade fair and support exhibiting companies in marketing products and production processes for improving sustainability in production. The starting point of the initiative ‘Green Automation’ is the increasing significance of energy efficiency and sustainability in production. Dr. Michael Wenzel, Managing Director of Reis Robotics and chairperson of the advertising and press committee of the AUTOMATICA, explains: “Growing interest can be seen in the political sphere and society not to live at the cost of future generations and to reduce consumption of resources noticeably and in the long term without having to make sacrifices on our quality of life. This development challenges the investment goods industry – especially robotics and automation – to create the production technology prerequisites for ‘green’ consumer goods. We have already ascertained a corresponding demand on the market, and consequently it is great that the international trade fair AUTOMATICA is going to focus on presenting‘green’ production technologies in such away.

Responsibility of the industry

The industry sees its responsibility in this area. Thilo Brodtmann, Managing Director of VDMA Robotics + Automation explains: “Intelligent handling of resources will increasingly become a success factor for the competitiveness of producing companies. Modern automation technology can do amazing things here.The manufacturers of automation technology create substantial savings potential for their customers and are the enablers of novel solutions with their engineering skills, which make ‘green’ products possible and affordable in the first place. To make the visions reality, widespread use of the technology is required. ‘Green Automation’will show precisely that - comprehensively and concretely as never before.”

Automation is the prerequisite for‘green’ products

The demand for energy-saving technology is growing due to increasing energy prices and resources that are becoming scarcer.Changed economic and legal framework conditions are also driving forces on the market. Modern automation solutions enable the widespread use of environmentally compatible products and technologies such as photovoltaics. For example, it has already been possible to reduce the manufacturing costs of solar cells substantially thanks to the use of robots, assembly technology and industrial machine vision while quality increased at the same time.Automation technology is taking photovoltaics closer to its goal of generating electricity at competitive conditions. On The other hand, it is important for the purchasers of assembly technology to acquire production means that use less energy and do not burden the environment in their operations.The Fraunhofer IPA sees considerable potential in the area of ‘green automation’:“Automation technology is an essential success factor for the competitive production of ‘green’ products such as solar systems, energy storage or electric vehicles,”says Prof. Alexander Verl, head of the Fraunhofer IPA. “But automation technology as resource for consumer must also be considered. Substantial potential can be realized there both in components and machines as well as on the supervision level.”

AUTOMATICA 2010 makes it possible to experience ‘Green Automation’

AUTOMATICA is preparing to systematically present this topic with the initiative‘Green Automation’. For example, there will be a ‘Green Automation’ visitor guide to bring together directly and specific to topics those interested and suppliers. In addition,a special exhibition will present the most successful examples of ‘green’ products.‘Green Automation’ will be a central aspect of all issues at the AUTOMATICA Forum on all days.

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