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Verified membership

I. What is Verified Member?

A third party will verify and authenticate your company profile posted on
It is a meaning service provided for enterprises on the world market conquest road
Being Verified Member will help you increase credibility with your customers besides getting Basic Member

II. Why choosing Verified Service?

Establish business relationship with a legal and prestigious company.
Get reliable information about your business activities.
Know your business ability: certificates, possibility to supply etc.
Buy products from trusted suppliers.

Being Verified Member you can

Your own website on ICT e-Mall with product photos and domain name as:
To access and post unlimited offers with photos
Priority listing to Basic Member
Increased buyer confidence by logo Verified Member
Trade Alert received

Make potential customers more rely on your business.
Attract more customers to view your introduction on
Be priority displayed in search results on
Be priority connected by buyers

III. How to become Verified Member

1. Fill all information fields of your account and company profile
2. Scan your Certificated of a third party to image file.
3. Click “Verified Request” on left menu.
4. Confirm the information of your company
5. Upload the Certificated image file and click “Send”
6. ASEAN ICT eMall will verify your information and certificate.
7. Then, done! You're Verified Member of eMall to enjoy all benefits!