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Safe Trading  
Avoiding Credit Card Fraud
You may ask for identification anytime you are presented with a credit card. Many cardholders even write "Ask for ID" on their cards to prevent unauthorized use. Most credit cards clearly state that they are not valid unless signed. Point this out to any shopper who has an unsigned card and say to the customer, "May I check your ID to verify your signature?" Address the customer by the name embossed on the credit card. If he or she does not respond, you should definitely ask for identification.
Vietnam suffers great losses due to high tech criminals [Viet Nam]
Last year, Vietnamese enterprises and State agencies lost thousands of billions of dong due to high-tech criminals, the Ministry of Public Security said at the 5th Security World 2010 Conference in Hanoi on Tuesday. The event was organized by the Ministry of Public Security's General Department of Logistics&Technology, the Vietnam Computer Emergency Response (VNCERT), the Ministry of Information and Communications and International Data Group (IDG Vietnam). The event's aim is to promote security and safety among enterprises and State agencies.
Imports of second-hand handhelds and cameras banned [Viet Nam]
The Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) has listed secondhand printers, cameras and cell phones in the group of eight categories of goods that will be banned from imports. The list of secondhand information technology products that are not allowed to be imported into Vietnam was approved by Minister Le Doan Hop and will take effect as of February 15, 2010.
Telecommunication Law to take effect next July [Viet Nam]
Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Le Nam Thang said that the Telecommunication Law will facilitate individuals and organizations of all economic sectors to invest and do telecom businesses to quickly develop and modernize the country’s telecommunication infrastructure. Under this new law, the state will only control the charges of the fixed telephone service, which is defined as a social service for all citizens. Service providers will have the right to set the telecom charges for other services but they have to register with the Ministry of Information and Communications before they apply new charges for important services like mobile telecom services or the Internet.
IT firms hope to set up in Quang Trung software city [Viet Nam]
The number of companies operating at Quang Trung Software City has dropped by five compared to last year, mostly due to the economic downturn, according to the director of the software centre.
Invitation Letter Fraud [Myanmar]
I sent an invitation letter and was surprised when the buyer said a company-issued invitation letter was not accepted in their country. The buyer asked for an invitation letter from my local government instead.
Fake Immigration Agents [Myanmar]
Some scammers pretend to be legal immigration agents who can provide legal work permits to other countries. In reality, they are not authorised immigration agents at all.
Fraud Case - Receiving low value products [Thailand]
I ordered 10 mobile phone samples costing about USD1370, including shipping cost. The payment was made by Western Union. When my order arrived it contained two pairs of counterfeit Adidas shoes by EMS.
Fraud Case - Be cautious of business impostor [Thailand]
Beware of scammers who use the name of a real company to conduct fraud on the Internet. Scammers will pretend to be an agent or branch of a real registered company to convince you that they are serious. Don’t blindly rely on a Bank report.
Fraud Case - Avoid receiving inferior products [Cambodia]
To protect your financial interests, use a secure payment method, such as L/C. You should also sign a business contract with your trading partner. You may also ask for a written guarantee ensuring that the products you order will be of the same quality as the samples you received. If you do have to request a refund or take a company to court, this will be strong evidence.
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