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Microsoft Corporation  
Microsoft software piracy lawsuit may face appeal
He said the compensation amount that Microsoft demanded is much more than what Dazhong Insurance is willing to pay, as the company believes the prices Microsoft set were unreasonable since the company is suspected of having a monopoly.
Microsoft revenue up 6% on strong Windows 7 demand
Microsoft Corp. on Thursday reported that its revenue in the most recent quarter rose about 6 percent year-on-year as demand for the software giant's Windows 7 operating system remained strong. For the quarter ended on March 31, Microsoft posted a revenue of 14.5 billion U.S. dollars, compared with 13.64 billion dollars in the same period a year earlier.
Microsoft to launch ‘Project Pink’ devices next week
The Redmond-based software giant has invited media to an event April 12, prompting strong speculation that it will be releasing a new line of devices with social networking capabilities aimed at young consumers. Microsoft designed the software, online services and hardware for the Pink mobile phones, reports the Wall Street Journal, whilst Japan’s Sharp manufactured the devices.
Microsoft gives web users access to rival browsers
Internet users in Europe can now access Microsoft rivals' web browsers through its dominant Windows system, the EU Commission has said. Microsoft was forced to open up its Windows operating system to rival Internet browsers in a landmark accord unveiled in December but activated only on March 1.
With new platform Microsoft eyes a mobile comeback
Microsoft last week unveiled a new version of its mobile operating system as the US software giant seeks to regain lost ground in the highly competitive smartphone market. Chief executive Steve Ballmer presented the Windows Phone 7 Series at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, ending months of speculation about what Microsoft had in store for the industry’s biggest trade show.
Microsoft Gives Rival Browsers a Lift
Mozilla, whose Firefox browser is the strongest competitor to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer worldwide, said that more than 50,000 people had downloaded Firefox via a “choice screen” that has been popping up on Windows-equipped computers in Europe since the end of last month. The screen displays links to a dozen browsers, including Explorer, Firefox, Google’s Chrome, Apple’s Safari and Opera.
Microsoft suspends micro-blogging service
A Plurk spokesman said the company had been investigating for a few weeks, trying to determine whether the resemblance was accidental or deliberate. "With more research, we found out that Microsoft blatantly took our code, slightly changed it and used it on their new Club MSN site," Plurk's Dave Thompson said.
Microsoft to release security patches next week
Microsoft says it will release a security patch next week following reports that users of older versions of Internet Explorer could allow hackers take control of some computers. A flaw in versions 6 and 7 of Internet Explorer may enable a security breach Microsoft confirmed, but a patch will be available on December 8.
Microsoft's Windows Mobile: Time to hang up?
Since the early days of the smartphone market in the '90s, Microsoft has been a key player. But the company's goal of reaping more revenue from smartphones might be better served by hanging up on Windows Mobile, an operating system that's become an also-ran.
Microsoft grants USB installation for Windows 7
Microsoft have taken a fantastic step to ensure that Windows 7 stands out from the previous versions of the ever-popular Windows operating systems.
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