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Lao - Viet Bank

Established on Jun 22nd 1999 under the Decision of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the People’s Democratic Republic of Lao , Lao- Viet Bank is the joint venture between two State- owned commercial banks of the two countries, namely Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam and Banque pour le Commerce Exteriur Lao (BCEL)

Full name

: Lao-Viet Bank (LVB)

Head office

: No. Lanexang Boulevard, Vientiane, Laos

Chartered Capital

: USD 10,000,000 (Ten million USD)

BOD Chairman

: Mr. Le Dao Nguyen – Vietnamese nationality

General Director

: Mdm Bounta DARAVY – Lao nationality

Lao- Viet Bank operates as a modern, fully commercial banking with advanced technology, qualified staff and one-door transaction model. The motto of the Bank is: Convenience, Time-saving, precision, security and effectiveness.
Lao- Viet Bank expanded its network together with the foundation of branches in Vietnam and Lao PDR: Hanoi Branch on Mar 27th 200, Champasak (Lao) on Jun 22nd 2001 and Hochiminh branch on Apr 23rd 2003; the growing and effective business of the Bank contribute largely to the two countries’ economic cooperation , at the same time improving local economic and social conditions.

 : Lao-Viet bank, Hanoi Branch
1. Transaction address
- H.O : 17B Hanthuyen , Haibatrung, Hanoi
- Tel : 84.4.9721539 / 9721532
- Fax : 84.4.9721534
- Website : http//
- Director : Le Viet Dzung

2. Products and services

  • Fund mobilization
    - Receiving demand/ term saving deposit in VND
    - Receiving payment deposit, term deposit in VND, USD
    - Other mobilizations channels

  • FX and money market
    Performing currency exchange and dealing among VND, LAK and other foreign currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, THB…

  • Payment
    Performing domestic and international payment in the forms of
    - Documentary payment (L/C)
    - Collection
    - TT
    - Barter payment
    And other payment activities

  • Credit operation in VND, USD, EUR
    - Short-term lending
    + Credit line Lending
    + Case lending
    + Discount lending/ Lending with valuable document in mortgage 
    + Trade finance
    + Other short term lending
    - Medium and long term finance
    Finance project of infrastructure construction, supplementary investment, production expansion and technology upgrade

  • Guarantee in VND, USD
    - Bidding guarantee
    - Performance bond
    - Warranty Guarantee
    - Payment guarantee
    - Advanced payment guarantee
    - Borrowing guarantee

  • Other services
    - Agency to receive entrusted fund, co-financed fund
    - Home banking
    - online banking
    - Other services: payment cheques, budget

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