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Intel to scrap 1st advanced graphics chip
The move is a setback to Intel's plans to compete with Nvidia Corp and Advanced Micro Devices Inc, now the dominant players in the graphics market, in part because the technology threatened to open a new front in Intel's competition with the two companies that lead the market for high-performance graphics chips, often sold in cards that plug into personal computers.
Intel settles disputes with AMD for $1.25b
Bitter rivals Intel and AMD have resolved their long-standing legal disputes, with Intel agreeing to pay a $1.25 billion settlement. Intel has also agreed to drop the business practices at the heart of their dispute – practices which AMD had long complained of as anti-competitive.
Intel to allow 2GB RAM with future Atom netbooks
Some of Intel's Pine Trail Atoms will finally escape Intel's 1GB RAM cap for netbooks even as they drop prices, a series of leaks have indicated in the past day. While the chip maker will still officially limit certain Atoms to 1GB of memory, the 1.83GHz Atom N470 will reportedly allow running 2GB of RAM.
Intel 34nm SSD gets potential 40% write speed boost
Intel today posted a crucial firmware update for its current-generation 34 nanometer solid-state drives that promises a major lift to their performance. The X25-M series now supports the Trim, or ATA Data Set Management Command, to more efficiently write to the drive.
Intel wants you to age gracefully, at home
For three months early this year, 63-year-old Ronald Lang was one of the most plugged-in patients in America. Lang, who suffers from congestive heart failure and multiple sclerosis, was pilot-testing the Intel Health Guide, a device that let doctors monitor his health remotely.
AT&T, Intel Collaborate to Strengthen Remote PC Support for Small and Midsize Businesses
Industry leaders AT&T Inc.* and Intel Corporation today announced plans to bring the power and cost savings of enhanced remote PC tech support to small and midsize businesses, offering them helpdesk capabilities more typically found in much larger enterprises.
Intel's Priority: A Total Mobile Computing Experience
At its developer conference today, Intel Corporation demonstrated how from handhelds and netbooks for light-computing to the balanced performance and style of ultra-thin laptops to full-function laptop computing, the company delivers the right combination of priorities for every mobile experience. The Intel Developer Forum keynote by David (Dadi) Perlmutter, executive vice president and general manager, Intel Architecture Group, also marked the debut of three new super-fast and intelligent Intel® Core™ i7 processors for laptops.
Intel Unveils 45nm System-on-Chip for Internet TV
Intel Corporation today unveiled the Intel® Atom™ processor CE4100, the newest System-on-Chip (SoC) in a family of media processors designed to bring Internet content and services to digital TVs, DVD players and advanced set-top boxes.
Intel releases Moblin 2.1 OS
Moblin 2.1 is meant to be a preview version for developers and carries numerous user-interface and software improvements, according to the Linux Foundation, which manages development of the OS.
Intel and Micron First to Deliver Sub-40 Nanometer NAND Flash Memory Device
New 34 Nanometer 32 Gigabit NAND Chip is Industry's Most Advanced NAND Process Technology Available Enabling Increased Storage Capacity in Small Form-Factor Applications
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