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Vietnamese businesses thrive in Berlin

Vietnam is one of Berlin’s big trade partners in Asia and the wider world and Vietnamese businesses are emerging as one of the most dynamic communities in Berlin.

This evaluation was made by Stephan Schwarz, Vice Chairman of the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce at the Berlin-HCM City Conference on October 30.

Stephan said around 1,734 Vietnamese businesses are operating in Berlin, accounting for 4.5% of the total foreign businesses in the city. Among 16 major fields they involve, the retail sector makes up nearly 50%, hotels 31.2%, and other services 16.1%.

Cooperation in infrastructure products and health care has brought many mutual benefits and has great potential for further exploitation.

At the conference, Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit said although many European countries have yet to get out of the woods yet, Germany has maintained economic and social stability, with capital Berlin taking the lead.

Berlin is considered an attractive investment destination thanks to advantages in transport, modern infrastructure, and efficient and economical energy use..

In addition, the city is strong in many other fields, such as health care, energy technology, optics, transportation, logistics, information and communications technology (ICT), and innovation.

Klaus expressed his hope that the conference will help promote cooperation between the two cities as well as two business communities.

Tat Thanh Cang, Director of HCM City Department of Transport, said HCM City is restructuring its economy towards trade, services, and new technological application. Thus, infrastructure must be improved in line with protecting the environment, reducing gas emissions and effectively using natural resources towards sustainable development.

HCM City encourages Berlin businesses to invest in infrastructure and science and technology, Cang said

Currently, German businesses not only invest in HCM City but also support the city in developing banking-finance and technology transfer.

Some typical cooperative projects are underway in the city, such as the Vietnam-Germany University, Germany International School, German House and a Metro line.

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