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Dell Inc  
Dell OEM CR100 Server Enables Appliance Vendors to Simplify IT for Customers
Dell today announced the OEM CR100 Server, providing appliance vendors with a customizable, entry-level 1u platform that delivers the high standards of quality and product stability of Dell’s PowerEdge technology.
Dell Packs More Punch in New Green Small-Business PC
Dell today announced the Energy Smart VostroTM 410 desktop, delivering industry-leading performance and expandability in a system designed exclusively for small businesses.
Dell Increases Revenue and Earnings, Lowers Operating Expenses
Dell today reported record fiscal first quarter revenue of $16 billion, a 9 percent year-over-year increase, and earnings of $0.38 cents per share, a 12 percent increase.
Clemson Selects Dell High-Performance Computing Cluster To Power Wide-Ranging Research
Clemson University is using a next-generation high-performance computing cluster (HPCC) from Dell to enable a wide range of academic research, from how family migration patterns impact schools and children’s development to the design of wireless communication networks.
Dell Growth Outpaces Market
Dell’s focused execution enabled the company to grow worldwide PC unit shipments in the calendar first quarter of 2008 more than 1.4 times faster than the overall market growth rate, according to IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker.
Dell Defining What It Means To Be ‘Green’ In Technology
Dell today marked the one-year anniversary of its commitment to be the “greenest technology company on the planet” by reporting the company’s largest single-year product recycling volume, becoming the first major computer manufacturer...
Dell Income Drops 48% as It Seeks to Cut Costs
During past downturns in technology spending, Dell tended to boast about its ability to weather the conditions better than competitors bogged down by higher-priced goods and cumbersome business models.
Dell pays $4m to settle NY 'deceptive practices' claim
Dell will cough up $4m to the New York Attorney General's Office to resolve charges of "fraudulent and deceptive business practices" related to its finance and service promotions.
Dell makes Latitude XT2 XFR rugged tablet official
After only a brief tease, Dell today formally unveiled the Latitude XT2 XFR. It's characterized as the first rugged convertible tablet to use capacitive multi-touch and is seen as ideal for use outdoors or at work where natural gestures, such as pinching to zoom into a map or flicking to scroll through a page, are more preferable to a pen.
Dell launches portfolio of SaaS applications
Dell Corporation (Thailand) grasps the opportunity of virtualisation and cloud computing trend to pioneer launch its broad portfolio of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications through cloud-based services.