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Customs Procedures  
Brunei Customs Procedures [Brunei Darussalam]
Cambodia Customs Procedures [Cambodia]
Import duties are levied on any imported goods before releasing them from the custody of Customs; except for goods receiving specific privilege that qualifies according to the laws and regulations, whereby their duties are exempted.
Myanmar Procedures for Export and Import and Customs Clearance [Myanmar]
An enterprise permitted under the Foreign Investment Law has to be registered as exporter importer upon business recuirement. with the Export Import Registration Office, Directorate of Trade.
Myanmar Customs Department [Myanmar]
To enhance trade facilitation through simplification of Customs procedures, without adversely effecting customs objectives to monitor the legitimate traffic of goods and to maintain power collection of revenue...
Indonesia Customs Procedures [Indonesia]
Customs Territory means the territory of Indonesia covering the land, waters, and air space over them and specified localities in the exclusive economic zone and the continental shelf in which Indonesian Customs Law applies in full.
Philippines Customs Procedures [Philippines]
All imported goods for consumption are subject to the payment of import duty prior to release of unless otherwise exempted in accordance with law by the Department of Finance.
Laos Importing and Exporting Goods - Full Documentation [Laos]
You will be able to obtain release of your goods upon presentation of a fully completed declaration package consisting of the following:
Thailand Export - Import Procedures [Thailand]
When a shipment arrives or leaves Thailand, importers or exporters are required to file a goods Declaration with supporting documents to the Customs for cargo clearance.
Singapore Import & Export Procedures [Singapore]
Malaysia Export - Import guide [Malaysia]
Goods can be imported and exported by land, air and sea but only at the places listed in the First Table of the Customs Rule, 1977. Among the places includes
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