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Baiduri Bank Group

World-Class Local
With a strong combination of local commitment and global expertise, the Group is acknowledged as one of the leading banks in the country with a track record of financial innovations and pioneering activities.
Its core business includes banking services to:
-Institutions or corporations
-Retail banking
-Consumer financing and
-Wealth management.

Baiduri Finance, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baiduri Bank which came into existence in 1996, has already captured a significant portion of the automobile financing business, it is now the country’s leading finance company.

Widest Choice of Financial Product
Baiduri Bank’s payment card business has the largest card member and merchant base in the country. It is the first and only bank in Brunei to hold franchise for three major card brands, namely American Express, Visa and MasterCard, offering the widest range of payment cards to meet the needs of different customer segments.

Multiple Service Delivery Channels
Baiduri Bank Group’s network consists of 12 bank branches, a finance arm with two branches and 28 ATM locations making it readily accessible to customers.

In addition, Baiduri Bank offers:
an enhanced internet banking service and
FAST, a payment and value-added services via the mobile phone giving customers extra convenience to meet their specific needs.

Leadership and Innovation
Renowned for its strength, commitment and innovation in the Brunei market, Baiduri Bank has many 'first' to its name. Among some recent firsts are:
the first to offer in-store and in-mall banking seven days a week.
the first to launch the internationally accepted Visa electron debit card, MasterCard electronic CashCard and Ladies Card.
the first to offer co-brand credit cards including the first co-brand card with American Express and the country’s national carrier Royal Brunei Airlines.
the first and only bank to provide money remittance facilities under the Western Union Agency.
the first and only bank to introduce the next generation mobile suite of services which provides 24-7 banking services via the mobile phone.
the first and only bank to introduce multi-currency ATM dispensing US dollar, Singapore dollars, Euros and Brunei dollars.
the first to offer Visa Infinite, the most Prestigious of Visa classes as a cobrand Empire Visa Infinite Card.

Corporate Social Responsibility
As good corporate citizens, the Baiduri Bank Group is committed to helping community development. Among others, the Group regularly provides financial support for child development programmes in the country. The annual Baiduri Masters charity golf event is a fundraising initiative in support to these organizations. Included in Baiduri Bank Group’s CSR calendar are:
the World Blood Donor Day and
a SME Partnership Programme which aims to nurture Brunei SME’s.

Financial Strength
With total assets in the group exceeding BND2.5 billion in 2008, Baiduri Bank Group is ranked amongst the top banking groups in the country.

Our Brand Promise
Baiduri Bank Group’s tagline "It’s a great big world" is a clear statement about our commitment to help Bruneians achieve the best in their worlds – be it business, personal finances or family – at different stages in their life cycle.

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