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Test Center: Safari 4 preview
Apple's new beta of Safari for Mac OS X and Windows is fast, beautiful, tuned to the latest Web standards, and finally even with the remarkable WebKit project .
Apple gobbles world's flash memory
Citing those always-voluble "industry sources," the market-watchers at DigiTimes reported on Monday that Taiwanese memory-module manufacturers face a serious shortage of NAND flash chips.
Apple sends iPhones into 'Coma Mode'
Complaints about Apple's new iPhone OS 3.1 are flooding the web, with one poster calling it "the buggiest update that Apple has yet released for the iPhone."
Apple's iTunes 8.1 plugs malicious podcast security hole
Apple on Thursday released iTunes 8.1, which includes a fix for a vulnerability that could lead to theft of usernames and passwords if a podcast containing malware were subscribed to.
Apple buys Lala for selling music
The acquisition gives Apple another way to sell music. Unlike iTunes, Lala lets U.S. users stream and purchase over 8 million songs, according to its Web site. Users can listen to a song once for free, pay 10 cents for a version that can be played online repeatedly or pay 79 cents or more for a copy that can be downloaded.
Apple's App Store downloads hit 3 billion
"The revolutionary App Store offers iPhone and iPod touch users an experience unlike anything else available on other mobile devices, and we see no signs of the competition catching up anytime soon," he added.
Apple to ship tablet device in March: report
The tablet, seen by some as Apple's most important move after the iPhone, is expected to be a multimedia device that will let people watch movies and television shows, play games, surf the Internet, and read electronic books and newspapers.
Apple buys mobile advertising company
U.S. mobile advertising company Quattro Wireless on Tuesday confirmed that it has been bought by Apple Inc., which is seen by analysts as the latest development in the consolidation of mobile advertising market.
Apple buys Lala for selling music
Apple Inc., acquired online music streaming company Lala, adding a Web-music service to its iTunes song-downloading business, the comapny announced Monday.
iPhone Apps: What makes Apple say no?
James Montgomerie was shocked when he received a rejection from Apple in May. His iPhone e-reader app, Eucalyptus, had been blocked from iTunes because it contained "inappropriate sexual content." The former Apple developer couldn't believe anyone found his application pornographic.
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